Managed IT services

At the core of circa technology is the fully managed IT service.
We can become the entire IT department or supplement your current IT department – enabling a better quality of life for our clients and their teams, while increasing the level of service to staff. A fixed monthly fee covers everything our clients will need to guarantee the smooth operation of their technology infrastructure. We will remotely monitor all computer networks and devices around the clock, hence we will be able to identify problems and move to fix them even before the client notices them. Clients will also be able to submit tickets though our TechHerd portal.

Circa Technologies has developed Intelligence Dashboards, Processes, and Response Protocols so our clients receive best-in-class care. This means we can see, in real time, how IT support is performing...

If an organization has an emergency, the entire company jumps on board to solve the problem. This information helps us provide clear guidance on performance, and more importantly, prevent emergencies before they occur.

Our managed service includes all but not limited to the following;

  • Manage and build the total IT infrastructure of the client organization.
  • Train stuff to use the infrastructure.
  • Replace and fix all old and or broken down equipment.
  • Manage and build voice communication systems
  • Build custom applications, systems and devices that might be needed to enhance the clients IT infrastructure.

IT Support

TechHerd is the IT support team that is both on call (toll free) and on online (free online support) to respond to all your urgent IT related problems and catastrophes. We will remotely fix the very basic software related problems through our world-class online portal, or simply move to your destination to fix all your major problems.

Having internal computer network issues? Your devices are not working as they should? Your critical software all of a sudden will not work anymore? Or that virus will just not allow you to work? Your clients complaining about your intercom system?

Our dedicated team is ready to quickly give a permanent solution to your problem.

VoIP/ Voice Services & Unified Communications

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is the latest communications technology, harnessing your company's local area network (LAN), existing telephone line (PSTN) and the Internet for phone calls, reducing costs, maximizing productivity and enhancing team collaboration. Unified Communications are an enhancement of VoIP, integrating all of your communication mediums into a single user interface that is accessible from anywhere, on any device.

Our VoIP service will allow you;

  • Receive and make calls within and outside the office.
  • Add unlimited number of extensions: add extensions, lines and features at no cost and avoid dreaded PBX replacements! Adding new telephones, users and or extensions is as easy as thinking up a number.
  • Full Contact Center capabilities (ideal for receptionist): The Contact Centre Suite provides you with the tools you need to deliver the highest quality customer service. Designed with flexibility in mind, our Contact Centre empowers your agents and managers with easy-to-use interfaces and management tools that can be accessed from home, remote offices or central locations.
  • Mobile Client: Carry along your office line wherever you go with the available applications for Apple iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.
  • HD Audio/Video Conferencing: Clients for desktops, tablets and mobile devices all include built-in high definition audio/video conferencing capabilities, eliminating the distance between your workforces and bringing conversations to life. There are also audio/video devices for your conference rooms and offices..
  • All users will be able to do basic call operations i.e. call transfers, call forwarding, hot desking, auto answer, conference calls, etc.

Our VoIP service also comes with a free File sharing and storage system.

Cloud Services & Storage

In today’s world, being able to access your data and information from any part of the globe is everything.

Circa technologies will provide cloud services such as:

  • Data backup and disaster recovery.
  • Live streaming of events.
  • Data storage and access.
  • Software as a services (SaaS).
  • Custom Multi-platform applications.

Project Services

Engage our team of young innovative technological experts who are passionate about making your business simpler and easier to manage. Whether you are expanding, moving or building new infrastructures, the circa technologies team is ready to help turn the project into what you truly deserve. We work with you closely to ensure that the scope, time and cost of your project are tightly aligned with your expectations.

  • Deployment Solutions: Cross-platform systems deployment.
  • Design and build amazing applications and systems to automate processes or make tasks easier.
  • Networking and Security: Build a secure network, enable your remote workers, unify your world.
  • Wireless Solutions: Get rock solid wireless infrastructure.
  • Workstations, Servers and Storage.

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